Rhiannon Face

Rhiannon Face

Rhiannon Face is a daugther of Raja Mirchi and the French mare Jovelinotte, who won 8 races out of 30 starts, among others on the track of Vincennes.

Jovelinotte (€ 168.164/1.13.2) is also dam of Pasithea Face (SEK 5.034.507/1.08.9) who is already dam of Joviality (SEK 23.689.354/1.08,4) who races successfully in America and Sweden. In America she won already 9 times out of 12 starts (including Breeders Crown, New York Sire and Goldsmith Maid) at the age of two. At 3yo a.o.: Yonkers Trot , 2nd in the Hambletonian. 4 yo in Sweden a.o.: Silvias Pokal and Swedish Travderby. Now racing in France.

Kayleigh (SEK 3.338.599/1,09,5) ia also from Pasithea Face.

Other outstanding offspring of Jovelinotte are Opitergium (It) (SEK 3.266.955/1.09.9), Novelinotte (It) (€74.269/1.11.8), who is already dam of Bonne Nuit Bi (€ 43.678/1.11.8) and Melodynot mother of Trot Kronos (€ 113.983/1.12.4), Drake Kronos (SEK 821.500/1.10,8) and Beauty Kronos (SEK 341.000/1.13,4)

2nd mother; Velinotte, is also the dam of the stallion Lejacque d’Houlbec (€498.403/1.11.6), winner of the Grand Premio Unire 2015.

Rhiannon Face delivered a foal in 2024, by Fourth Dimension.

Offspring by Rhiannon Face
  • 2019: Marit di Quattro, (1.14,1 – Nkr. 173.090) filly by Mosaique Face (broodmare in Norway)
  • 2020: Nouri di Quattro, (1.13,0 – Sek. 1.060.000) colt by Southwind Frank, 3rd in the Swedish Breeders Crown 3yo
  • 2021: Filly foal, died as foal
  • 2022: Patina di Quattro, filly by Six Pack (images below)
  • 2023: Rosa di Quattro, filly by Greenshoe
  • 2024: Sven di Quattro, colt by Fourth Dimension


horse details

Sire: Raja Mirchi
Dam: Jovelinotte
Dam’s sire: Passionant
Gender: filly
Date of birth: 30-3-2012
Mark: 1.14,2
Earnings: Sek. 96.500
Studbook: Swedish
Covered by: Fourth Dimension
Date covered: 31-5-2023