Outlook Kronos

Outlook Kronos

Appointed “Diplomston” in 2024

Outlook Kronos has already produced three millionaires (Helena,- Ivory,- and Lozano di Quattro) and all already started offpring have won races.

Light Kronos (€474.888/1.12.2), Outlook Kronos’ brother, was a star in his native country Italy, winning the Grand Premio Allevatori and was second in the Italian Derby of 2008 behind the exeptional filly Lana del Rio. Light Kronos is the leading stallion in Austria. The outstanding performers Legend Brodde, Pin Kronos and Light Brodde are also offpring of Outlook’s mother Luck of the Day.

2nd mother; Rich as Sin, is the mother of Dietrich ($312.429/1.55) and Sarahson, the mother of Jimmy Boy and Kenny Boy.

Offspring by Outlook Kronos
  • 2013: Gina di Quattro, (1.14,4 – Sek. 192.500) filly by Clerk Magistrate (broodmare)
  • 2014: Helena di Quattro, (1.10,7 – Sek. 3.286.331) filly by Un Mec d’Heripre (broodmare), 15 wins in Holland, Italy en France. 4-times at Vincennes
  • 2015: Ivory di Quattro, (1.11,7 – Sek. 1.763.139) colt by Love You, 2nd Harper Hanover Lopp 2020
  • 2017: Kung di Quattro, (1.15,5 – Sek. 82.400) colt by Bold Eagle
  • 2018: Lozano di Quattro, (1.11,0 – Sek. 1.299.800) colt by Trixton, winnar Solvallaseriens 2023
  • 2019: Milan di Quattro, (1.16,1 – Sek. 84.929) colt by Propulsion
  • 2020: Nouchka di Quattro, (1.11,8 – Sek. 254.488) filly by Maharajah
  • 2022: Pearl di Quattro, filly by Face Time Bourbon (images below)
  • 2023: Ramses di Quattro, colt by Fabulous Wood

Outlook Kronos expects a foal in 2024, by Hohneck.

horse details

Sire: Cantab Hall
Dam: Luck of the Day
Dam’s sire: Mr. Lavec
Gender: filly
Date of birth: 28-3-2008
Mark: 1.16,4
Earnings: € 17.920
Studbook: Swedish
Covered by: Hohneck
Date covered: 6-7-2023