Kryssa Futura

Kryssa Futura

Kryssa Futura finished second in both the Sto Championat and the Derby Stoet. As a 4-year-old she ended her racing career with a 1.12.2 mark and Sek. 1.611.450 winnings.

Sire is Saxo de Vandel (by Coktail Jet), her dam Simb Regatta also produced Slevin Kelevra (Sek 780.959/1.12.1)

2nd dam: Rada Nilema (It) produced a.o. Simb Ruby (SEK 3.087.155/1.10.4), Rolling Simb (Sek. 1.329.256/1.12.7), Raffia Simb (Sek. 1.021.398/1.13.0 ), Rally Simb (Sek. 804.921/1.13.7) and Simb Raindance (Sek. 507.832/1.12.6).

Kryssa Futura expects a foal in 2024, by Face Time Bourbon.

Offspring by Kryssa Futura
  • 2018: Quita Futura, (1.14,7 – Sek. 208.346) filly by The Bank
  • 2020: Nigel di Quattro, (1.15,1 – Sek. 123.000) colt by Face Time Bourbon
  • 2021: Ofira di Quattro, (1.16,9 – qualli) filly by Face Time Bourbon (images below)
  • 2022: Colt foal, died as foal
  • 2023: Ricardo di Quattro, colt by Fabulous Wood
  • 2024: Colt foal, colt by Face Time Bourbon


horse details

Sire: Saxo de Vandel
Dam: Simb Regata
Dam’s sire: Turbo Thrust
Gender: filly
Date of birth: 02-5-2012
Mark: 1.12,2
Earnings: Sek. 1.611.450
Studbook: Swedish
Covered by: Face Time Bourbon
Date covered: 19-6-2023