On our newspage you will find the latest news about our horses and the perfomance of all Stal Quattro-bred horses. We will also inform you about upcoming starters throughout Europe!

Our 2022 yearlings

  • Orso di Quattro (SE), colt, Campo Bahia – Beau di Quattro
  • Ofira di Quattro (SE), filly, Face Time Bourbon – Kryssa Futura
  • Onyx di Quattro (SE), filly, Campo Bahia – Gwenda di Quattro
  • Olympia di Quattro (SE), filly, Googoo Gaagaa – Wordie Hanover

In 1996 Siebren de Jong and Roel Eikema founded Stal Quattro v.o.f. Since the early beginning Stal Quattro was succesful in racing. Evita Idzarda was one of our first horses who competed all over Europe. She is a triple Breeders Crown-winner with over 525.000 euros in earnings.

Helena di Quattro (1.10,7-Sek. 3.286.331), Donna di Quattro (1.10,9 – Sek. 3.240.745), Bruno di Quattro (1.10,2 – Sek. 2.521.466), Ivory di Quattro (1.11,7 – Sek. 1.649.389), My Love di Quattro (1.12,6 – Sek. 1.137.643) and Hero di Quattro (now called NoLimit JimMit, 1.11,4 – Sek. 1.088.134) are just a few examples of our succesful offspring!

Other great horses were Tygo Idzarda (1.12,6 – €. 256.224), Whoopie As (1.12,7 – €. 148.301) and My Love Jet (1.13,3 – €. 236.410).

In the more recent years we shifted our focus towards breeding. Investing in the best maternal lines, selecting the best stallions in the business and producing fine racehorses that can compete at the highest European level.

With regards,
Siebren de Jong & Roel Eikema